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View Diary: Bristol Palin made over $250k as abstinence advocate (329 comments)

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    Sad, that her mama has only given her daughter advice on how to make money.  Pimps do the same thing.   Palin's no different.  Since she was McCain's Republican VP nominee she has been pimping her daughter and parading her out of wedlock pregnancy in public for all the world to see.   Lookie see, I have a daughter who got pregnant.  I have a daughter who your children should immulate because Candie Company is willing to pay her tons of money to tell your children how to not be like her.  It. Is. Disgusting.

    One day this child/woman is going to wake up and have to take stock of her life.  The reckoning might not be pretty.  The way she has been used and abused is nothing short of child abuse.      


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