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  •  I don't take it personally, good grief! (4.00)
    Although I was surprised about the rather personal flamewar.  On most forums, someone would have suggested they take it "off list" and use private emails.

    I like the rating system even if some use it for troll rating.  I check my ratings to see if anyone thought I had anything worthwhile to say.  It is easy to get full of oneself and happily ramble endlessly.

    Thanks for the welcome.

    •  Most fourms are heavier on moderation (3.50)
      Here we do most of it by mojo. I'm really as shocked as you are, as this is the fisrt time I've ever gotten into this sort of grudge match with someone. Of course it's a pretty one sided grudge match, since only one of us has a a grudge.

      I like the rating system too, but the thing that botheres me about it is how no one uses "threes." However, it is still a great way to give feed back, and let people know they're on the right track.

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      by Goldfish on Thu Mar 03, 2005 at 02:33:08 PM PST

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