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View Diary: Bristol Palin is seven times more important than her cause (49 comments)

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    Snippets from Candie's Foundation Statement on Bristol Palin Compensation

    ... Ms. Palin was compensated for her work with the foundation, which included appearing in video and print PSAs, two town hall meetings, and numerous media interviews. ...  

    We know that Ms. Palin's work has had a positive effect on teens. In a recent independent national survey of 1,000 teens that compared a Bristol Palin PSA with those of another national teen pregnancy organization that use non-famous teens, more than twice as many teens (57% vs. 27%) said Bristol's PSA "got my attention", three times as many (41% vs. 11%) said it was "powerful", and more than twice as many (38% vs. 16%) said it was "memorable".  

    Bristol Palin is one of dozens of celebrities who has worked with the foundation.*


    Color me skeptical.

    First, they don't cite or link to the "recent independent national survey" so we have to take their word.

    Second, they claim she had a "positive effect" but all they cite are "impressions."  Yeah, and the Congressional GOP budget has made a lot of impressions but none positive.

    And then there's the elusive measure of program effectiveness.  Whatcha wanna bet there's been no attempt to measure whether all those Bristol impressions actually had a deterrent effect?

    This from a foundation that asserts (in the same statement) that they endeavor to have teenagers view teen pregnancy and parenthood as stressful and something to avoid.   Yeah, stressful outcomes like being paid $262,500 as a result being a teenage mom.  

    * And I wonder how many celebrities donate their names and faces to charitable causes, and how many get lucrative contracts like Palin.   Ka-ching, that Palin family sure get a lot of money for a lot of nothing.

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