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View Diary: Bristol Palin is seven times more important than her cause (49 comments)

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  •  Other mismatched spokespersons/causes? (1+ / 0-)
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    Front Toward Enemy

    *Sarah Palin for PETA.
    *Charles II of England for Trojan.
    *Haliburton/BP/Transocean for OSHA.
    *Ted Haggard for The Partnership for a Drug-Free America.
    *Mel Gibson for The Anti-Defamation League.
    *C. Montgomery Burns for Greenpeace.
    *Bush/Cheney administration for Amnesty International.
    *Barack Obama for Sons of Confederate Veterans.
    *Fred Phelps for GLAAD.
    *Clarence Thomas for ACLU.

    Great diary FTE, love to see the use of satire in postings.  Keep up the good work!

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