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View Diary: A Poet Now Leads The Movement In Mexico-update (29 comments)

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  •  My heart (6+ / 0-)

    cries for this story - this is something we CAN help - not like earthquakes or tsunamis where we can only hold on ( of course we can help after the fact...) but this we can prevent - we can not support the drug runners (have a garden?) we are the problem here and the Mexican people are paying. When we wake up and own this problem we will be better Americans. in my opinion.

    •  redstella... (1+ / 0-)
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      I cannot say much now because she is still there and they are watching her, tracking her phone calls.  She told me that they will kill her and the rest of the family unless she shuts up... so we will shut up for now.  I ask you to keep in touch with me because my friend and her family are going to start raising hell with the Democratic Party and I assure you that it will not make any of them happy when she starts her campaign.

      I wouldn't doubt it if she is already connected to this guy who started today's rally.  

      I'm so angry right now.  I would like to tell you everything I know, but I can't because... who knows, perhaps they might do a google search and read this with her dead son's computer!  They will pay... trust me.

      My friend is a Hispanic activist and she won't let her son die for nothing.  

      I'm going to change my e-mail addy because some hacker hacked into the one I have as my profile address.  Wait a couple of days and e-mail me.

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