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View Diary: Fermilab Makes Potential Major Discovery, but DOE funding cuts close it down this Sept. (153 comments)

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    Even though you mention the Fermilab/Tevatron has been used less and less in deference to the LHC's capacity/capabilities, the reality is that people's livelihood in Illinois will be upended by an abrupt cut to funding and the continued precipitous loss of domestic scientific research.

    The tevatron has a finite lifespan and it's been well understood that it would have to be shutdown by 2014 or 2015 because the LHC is so much better.  A good analogy would be using a supercomputer from the 90s versus a supercomputer built 5 years ago. The bugs from the older supercomputer have been fixed or have workarounds but the newer supercomputer is so much more powerful that it simply doesn't make sense to keep using the older supercomputer.  At some point, you need to bite the bullet, toss the old supercomputer aside and use just the new one.

    Fermilab is still continuing quite a few other experiments and in fact keeping the tevatron running would take away funding from these experiments and impede their progress.  Also fermilab is also participating in the LHC and among other things designed the quadrupole magnet assemblies for the LHC.

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