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  •  California senators (4.00)
    I called up Sen Feinsteins office first. I said I didn't understand a senator from the bluest of states supporting much of the Bush agenda. I then called Sen. Boxers office. First, I said to compliment and thank the senator for her hard work. Then I said to ask the senator to talk some sense into Sen. Feinstein. Sen. Boxers aide laughed and said she had been hearing that from a lot of her constituents. So please, call the offices of the traitor senators like Lieberman amd Feinstein. And the Senators you like, call their offices and let them know you appreciate their hard work. And we NEED backbone, or we wil just get steamrolled again.
    •  Dianne Feinstein needs to get her mind right. (4.00)
      She was the "moderate" anti-clinton voice during the Monica thing.  She was eager to be one of the first Dems to support the Iraq war. For a while there, there was talk about her being a possible 2004 pres or vp candidate.  

      She is as worthless as a pimple on Bush's ass.

      Boxer is my hero.  She has big brass balls.

      Feinstein... I'll vote against her in primaries, if we ever come around to that again.  

      The same goes for Harmon.  To think I actually campaigned for her.

      You know, I was a hardcore Republican 15 years ago.  I'm not some extreme lefty.  I just know that, sometimes, the moderate position is a position of cowardice rather than maturity.

      •  Speaking of Balls (none)
        I was lurking at FR last night and they were raging against their republican senators and reps saying that they lack balls.

        Funnily enough, they thought the only ones in the congress with balls were the Democratic Women like Boxer.  Coming from them, I think that is as good of a compliment that you can get.

    •  abso_fucking_lutely (none)
      Feinstein = Loserman lite?

      Intro'd Condi for s of s, voted the Bankruptcy Deform bill on to the floor of the Senate.  Jeez

      It's enough to turn a blue stater blue.

      Social Security Privatization is Welfare for Wallstreet

      by CaliBlogger on Thu Mar 03, 2005 at 02:58:17 AM PST

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