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  •  WTO is what we oughta be thinkin' about (4.00)
    I came to Jesus about fighting Republicans when I had to spend Christmas w/the winger family after WTO.  We started talking about the riots, I live in Seattle, and my dad said, "They shoulda just started shooting; taken every damn one of 'em out.  But that draft-dodging Clinton would never let it happen."

    Fast forward six years and we've got the fascist in chief more than willing to utilize any means possible to take us out.

    It is past time for us to make a stand, but I'm glad that we've got folks like Reid, Dean, Boxer, et al finally standing up for what is right.

    One thing to keep in mind is that politicians are motivated mightily by direct citizen action.  The anti-war movement of the sixties did an amazing job of containing, and eventually ending, the Vietnam war.  

    IMHO, we really need to ramp up our direct action efforts.  While the rethugs have gotten more sophisticated in their suppression techniques, we have also gotten more sophisticated in our use of the internet.  We need to be the snapping dog that is constantly herding our electeds into doing what is right.  

    "Power never concedes nothing without demand, it never did and it never will."  --Frederick Douglas

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