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  •  Seeking clarification (4.00)
    I get that the elected and annointed (pundit) Dems need to fight back.  Hell, no one wants to vote for a wuss.  MLK and Ghandi weren't wusses.  Joe L is acting like one.  Besides, fighting back should be easy considering how ungrounded and outrageous the GOP attacks have become.

    I get that we (the unwashed masses) should hound and support this from the grass roots.  Letting this slide and "appearing above it all" just makes the party look elite and out of touch.  Americans figure when someone punches you, you punch back (explaining how the 9/11-Iraq non-connection was so easily accepted).

    What I'm no so clear on is who exactly is included in "Republicans" when we say we're going after them?

    Officials -- Damn straight
    Pundits -- abso-coulter-lutely
    Young Republicans/activists -- I hope so

    Self identified Republican voters?
    Dems and independents who voted Republican?
    Dems who have differences of opinion?

    I guess before I join a revolution, I want to understand the scope of the revolt.

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