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  •  That's silly, (none)
    Aggression is a mirror you hold up to the one confronting you.  Make no new enemies.  Kill all the ones you already have.  That's my notion of civility.  

    AM Radio has pounded the theme that you're weak, and other outlets teach that to us, too.  Some of you live down to the stereotype, which means you're working for them.  Moderates will not join us if they don't see us sticking up for ourselves.  Liberals will not get out the vote if they don't see us sticking up for them.  Fascists will vote in droves 'cause they love the notion that they're kicking your teeth in.

    Not to sound like a broken record, but this is just a corollary of the Liebermanesque notion that we have to pander to the right's base at the expense of our own.  E-fucking-nuff already.  

    There's already blood in the water folks.  Now, whose is it gonna be?  Get in the fucking fight, and if you're already there, start saying "get in the fucking fight" to those who aren't.  

    Let me leave you with one basic maxim of politics:  

    You do not gain political capital from a bloc by bowing to its strength.  You gain political capital from a bloc by coming to its rescue.

    Thanks to the parasite class, there are a lot of vicitms out there.  But they'll keep going back to their abusers because they are attracted by their abusers' apparent strength, and repulsed by your supposed weakness.  

    [goes back to work]

    If you're not feeding red meat to our base, you're nothing but a mole.

    by Grand Moff Texan on Thu Mar 03, 2005 at 07:55:14 AM PST

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