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  •  Advice for Democrats (4.00)
    If viewers can't tell the difference between your haircut and your hairpiece, time to change one or both.

    If you go on Fox News, they are going to try and ambush you, but they aren't going to be very good at it.

    Republicans are going to call you a traitor and a liberal.  It does not matter the context or logic of these claims, they're going to happen so don't bother capitulating to prevent them.

    Don't talk about Micheal Moore.  Republicans don't care, Democrats don't care, and the only thing you'll do is alienate one side or the other.  Talk about something more important, which could include just about anything.

    Do talk about Kenneth Lay.  Republicans care, Democrats care, and corrupt energy companies give most of their money to Republicans anyways.

    "Political capital" is something majority parties have.  As of 2004, you are not a majority party.

    "Public support" is something opposition parties have.  It has a strange habit of turning into political capital down the road.

    Never trust an advertising firm that charges a contingency fee.

    If your ad doesn't get Republicans angry, your ad sucks.

    "Lie" "Liar" and "Lying" are words.  They describe an individual who does not tell the truth.  "Mislead" does not.

    Wall Street doesn't want or need you, they have Tom DeLay.  Stop crying, it was a bad relationship anyways.

    It's hard to turn around and attack a bill or piece of legislation you voted for.  Stop voting for bad legislation.

    The party most threatening to the Democratic party is the Democratic party.

    If you compare Howard Dean to Osama Bin Laden and hug George Bush, you aren't really a Democrat anyways.  You might be a douchebag.

    Make fun of Republicans when they do something stupid.  Give us a reason to watch C-SPAN.

    Environmental laws, fair taxation, labor rights and school funding are pro-good-business and anti-bad-business.  Not the other way around.

    If your opponent says the sky is purple and you say nothing, the sky is now purple.

    Don't trust reporters or lobbyists, they make politicians look good by comparison.

    That free iPod thing doesn't really work as well as you'd like to think, and the Prince of Nigeria is not sending you e-mails.

    Honor. Dignity. French Fries.

    by PotatoNinja on Wed Mar 02, 2005 at 08:53:35 PM PST

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