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  •  lawsuit against c-span, i dont know where to take (none)
    this...But to get  your friend kos,(I'm new
    here but not new to the conspiracy) on c-span
    because they misrepresented the position
    of a guest today at 8:00am. They allowed nancy soderberg, who is obviously a likudite,probably
    a 'mossad' plant or 'agent of a foreign country'.
    If you reference her comments to alan keyes'
    april 29,2002 "making sense" on msnbc.
         Her presentation to keyes is the polar opposite of her pretense on c-span.
    •  ctd (none)
      "Well, I don't think there's any question
      that president bush has fought the war on terrorism brilliantly. He's done the war in
      Afghanistan with courage and vision."
          On cspan she portrayed herself as a bush
      critic who has now seen a substantial shift
      in the administrations attitude towards the use
      of persuasion and diplomacy in its dealings with
      countries both allies and otherwise, hence marking a sea change where we should have confidence in 'the new direction this administration has taken. All in the last 15 days or since inauguration.
          Personally, I see Putin administration that
      he is clearly alerted to the danger of this
      us administrative usurpation of the constitutional power of the people to defend themselves against this fraudulence. Its
      a world-destabilizing event or series of them.
      I dont blame putin for proclaiming his nuclear capability and presenting as a possible
      protagonist. He's calling the pups bluff.

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