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  •  I'm flattered! (none)
    It's a bit of an ego-stroke to get up and see a comment that you posted on a different blog promoted to the front page here at DKos!


    Unfortunately, you have just read the entire contents of the "upcoming book."    

    In listening to the media and the repubs the Dems (and I'm thinking here a lot about people like From and the DLC) have put themselves in the position of a batter who is actually listening to the distracting chatter of the opposition catcher.   They get rattled when the guy says,  "No batter, no batter. No stick.  Your gonna whiff it, baby!"   And when the catcher says watch out for this next fastball, they bite and then strike out on the slow curve,  Pathetic.

    Democrats need to ignore the repubs, just as a batter needs to ignore a catcher.  The best response?  Hit one, hard.  To do this you must concentrate on the pitch and keep your eye on the ball.  In politics this means having your own clear message, your own clear programs, policies, goals and ideas and never missing the opportunity to either promote those ideas and goals or to point out how the opposition's policies, ideas and goals are just plain wrong.  Over and over and over.

    The repubs get this, big time.   Somehow or other, we don't.  Keep your eye on the ball.  Take your cuts. Sooner or later, you'll hit one out of the park.  Sometimes I get the feeling that a lot of the dems, and this now includes Hillary, BTW, are afraid to swing.  You never get a hit hoping to get a walk.

    We live in a marketing culture, where branding and perception, cleverly manipulated through media, color and determine decisions more than empirical analysis.  This is just as true in choosing our politicians as it is in choosing our soap or automobiles.  In marketing you never mention the competetion except to point out how deficient it is, and in business you never take your opponent's advice.   Face it, he doesn't really have your best interests at heart.  If he did, he wouldn't be your opponent.

    As a final note, I think Dean is the one who gets this the most.  That's why he gives me hope.

    Thanks again.  If you all want me to expand on "Strategy for Dummies" let me know and I might devote some further effort to it.

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