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View Diary: Why Prosser needed EXACTLY +7500 votes.... (430 comments)

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  •  But will they recount the whole state? (1+ / 0-)
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    That's what I'd like to know.  Because if I was going to pull an election fraud like this, I'd make a great big stinking mess in one place, and quietly fix the numbers someplace else.

    All this astounding report says to me is, "Something's going on."

    •  or even add numbers in places where yr guy lost (0+ / 0-)

      One clever strategy would be to add a few votes to the losing totals in places where no one would expect Prosser to win. Such votes count the same as any other towards the statewide total.

      I am convinced that Bush II did something similar to this in 2004 to create his popular vote majority.  There were several states with Republican governors and/or other key office-holders (e.g., New York) where he lost as expected by a huge margin.  Some of those huge margins were not as huge as expected, even though he still lost.

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