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View Diary: Waukesha numbers NOT adding up... (Updated w/ Lisbon) (47 comments)

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  •  My Waukesha Co. LiveBlog entries (7+ / 0-)

    Times are PST:

    09:07 PM = 53. Waukesha Co. will move this towards equal, Milwaukie Co. will tip the scale back.
    Waukesha Co. might tip 20,000 votes to Prosser yet.

    09:32 PM - 59. 3344/3630 precincts - Prosser = 686,541 - Kloppenburg = 686,057
    Waukesha Co. 130/198 precincts reporting 81,255 vs. 29,332
    This is 66% vote counted.

    09:45 PM - 61. WAUKESHA Co. 28.0% shifts down to 26.5%
    Waukesha Co. 130/198 precincts reporting: 81,255 vs. 29,332
    This is the one anomalous county at this point, with about a 8% difference compared to every other county in Wisconsin shifting blue 6% or more.

    09:46 PM - 62. The Republican stronghold is the last to report, with a very anomalous result so far.
    O.K., I'm getting suspicious.

    09:58 PM - 64. WAUKESHA Co. precinct count is updated, vote remains the same.
    Looks like the AP or someone is doing a poor job of synchronizing updates of votes and precincts reporting.
    This has been messing up my algorithm. There won't be a bunch more votes tipping to Prosser in this county!

    Famous last words, eh!

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