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View Diary: War on Planned Parenthood is war on women's health (114 comments)

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  •  It's important to remember (2+ / 0-)
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    that abortion services are handled at separate clinics, run by separate management, and paid for through separate and private funds.

    If you want to just look at the portion of PP that is funded federally, the abortion services slice of the pie would be 0% and $0.00.

    This rider has nothing to do with abortion services, and everything do to with defunding everything else PP and other women's health clinics offer.

    •  Yeah, I know that (0+ / 0-)

      They do good work.. needed work.

      Although I don't know why the federal government needs to fund a private organization to do these things.

    •  the rider has to do with (0+ / 0-)

      keeping one very important GOP constituency on board the GOP train, at what is for the GOP at least, very little cost.

      The rabid anti-abortion crowd (which may well be woman-hating, but is certainly vehemently opposed to anything enabling women's autonomy) will follow the rest of the GOP's oligarchic policies (which are, in general, not in the economic interests of most people who make up the anti-abortion constituency) because this issue is important enough to them.  The GOP knows that it isn't important enough the Democratic Party to defend reproductive rights vigorously, but recognizes that the Party will defend those rights selectively and as a "special interest" right.  In addition the GOP also knows that every time the Democratic Party defends reproductive rights weakly, said weak defense becomes both a fundraising and a messaging opportunity for them, without really representing a political challenge or potential loss.

      So really, why wouldn't the contemporary GOP take up the extremist right wing cause of anti-abortion mania?  There are many more losers than winners for them, given what they seek.  And the Democratic Party continues to help make that so for them, by refusing to go to the mattresses on the issue.

      Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds. --Elie Wiesel

      by a gilas girl on Fri Apr 08, 2011 at 12:39:41 PM PDT

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