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  •  Ask yourself this - if we're so (8+ / 0-)

    broke, why is it Republicans just spent another 780 billion dollars on tax cuts for the very rich?
    You're entitled to your own opinions, middleman.  But we all need to be very careful about how we form those opinions.  We're all getting flooded every day with messages that are partly true, partly not true, and many times flat-out false.
    Ask yourself WHY they want you misinformed.  What does it benefit them if you believe this or that?
    Somebody's lying.  Big time.  And as always, the way to find out who it is is to follow the money.  Who's profiting from the confusion?  Who profits if these worries of yours influence your vote?  Who's stealing from all of us?

    •  im starting to understand your views (1+ / 0-)
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      They are cutting taxes on corporations/business owners as a last ditch effort to keep jobs on our soil.  Its actually a hidden tariff against imports/competition abroad.

      Fundamental difference Rep/Dem ... reps basically feel that collecting some tax from everyone that is working is better than a few people when no one is working.

      Dems feel that rich people should pay more tax (which they should) but disagree with reps on how much is fair.

      Rich people already pay the majority of tax is the debate ... how much is enough in other words.  What would make you happy?  How much should they pay?  How much should you pay?  What is fair?  Thats the debate on tax.

      Then ... you get to a point where rich people leave because they feel they are being unfairly taxed... I guess thats their right...although unpatriotic.

      BO is correct in trying to close the "off-shore" loopholes.  This should be done first ..and when we are assured there are no more tax loopholes ..then raise taxes.  Otherwise ... the rich will continue to use the loopholes at an even greater extent making the tax hike moot.

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