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    I am an adjunct faculty member at a Big 10 (11 or 12??) school.  I have no rank and no status, which is fine.  I do have a lot of students, teaching 2 sections of one class, with 97 enrolled.  This makes thoughtful assessment very difficult.  It makes me depend on rote answers rather than higher level analysis.  I will have at least 110 students in the fall, which makes me think even more of multiple-choice tests...  Shame on me...

    I'm fortunate this is not a "career" as I've retired from my primary career.  I would prefer to teach one section of about 40 students (or LESS!!!)  and I may designate that as terms of employment after fall semester.  

    Not whining here -- this is all by my choice. The main point, which I never made above, is that adjuncts are hired because they are cheap and can teach a lot of students.  If they are good, you can keep them for a long time and the students don't even realize they are being cheated...

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      check your messages.

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      We tend to structure our course exams to mimic the licensure exam. Constructing exam items is a time-consuming pain in the ass, but it is possible to build an entirely multiple-choice test that effectively evaluates clinical reasoning.  I don't think there'd be a one-to-one correspondence with evaluation of other kinds of higher-order reasoning, but it seems feasible.

      Of course, I also spend a crazy amount of face-to-face time with my clinical students in the patient care setting, so I have opportunities to evaluate all the vague do-they-really-get-it questions outside of testing.  In the nine years I've been teaching, though, it's always been the same students who struggled with the tests who had trouble thinking through clinical situations in real life.

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