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  •  The American attitude (12+ / 0-)

    ...and yes, I do believe we have a societal attitude/stance/view with regard to the old among us - and I am one - is that the old need to go away and shut up because we are a young, powerful and energetic country that worships youth and everything about the young (their beauty, strength, ingenuity, power, speed, usefulness to the rich and the corporations,  ability to adapt, to be paid inadequately, to care little for future retirement, to not be concerned about  the society as a whole, to consume, to use resources, to succumb to ads and their hypnotism, and on and on).

    I have seen a difference in the way I am treated in my own country as an older person from the way I saw older people treated in Europe when I lived there.  I also know that in many Asian cultures/countries, the older ones have traditionally been treated with respect and appreciation and they have been honored by their children and grandchildren and the greater society.  Not here in the US.  Those who are older are laughed at, or at the least discounted.  When age begins to show, even those who are knowledgable in their fields/professions and even those who have credentials, degrees and decades of work experience, they are mostly marginalized and expected to hang out with "their own kind."   I actually heard a younger person say that at a Chili's restaurant near USF in North Tampa once.

    I confess that when I was younger, I did not consider with adequate concern, the plight of those who age and need more help and attention just to survive without debilitating pain.  I now know.  From my own experience and from seeing my adoptive mother, a strong woman, (afflicted for years with COPD) grow old, more helpless and then die.  It was sad to see how she was expected to fade away.  Sure, Morrison's cafeteria wanted her to eat in their cafeteria.  Her many doctors loved seeing her.  Her chiropractor, pharmacist, massage therapist and everyone else who took her money loved her.  The Nursing Home where she lived the final year + of her life loved taking a big chunk of her savings.  

    The old must pay and then they are tolerated in the US.  If they are poor and infirmed and have no family, tough.  They are mostly on their own.

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