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  •  I learned from plenty of "thugs" myself (10+ / 0-)

    There was Herr C, from whom I learned a love of German and languages generally, as well as an appreciation of hardass teachers.  There was Mrs T, who furthered my appreciation of hardassery in the teaching profession and who was the first smith to start hammering MLA citation rules into my brain.  There were two Mr. Gs, each of whom taught me a love of English literature (though in retrospect I think I liked the first one better, though I have to thank the second one for making me ready for the English AP exam).  There was Ms. R, who helped me understand calculus.  Then at college there was Dr. W, who cemented forever my love of hardassed teachers and who taught me so much about Japanese history, and who I will forever remember fondly for her biting wit and her cola addiction; Dr. V who gleefully taught me about Jinghiz Haang (or Genghis Khan, however you like it), and Dr. T who taught me more about China than I ever thought I wanted to learn and whetted my appetite for more.  There were others of course, but those are the ones that really stand out.

    I have a friend who after years of figuring things out is now going back to college and working at becoming a thug like you.  And while I don't expect I'll ever join your "gang," I hope to join one that has been banding together with yours a lot recently (the one whose members drive around in huge red trucks).

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