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View Diary: White House calling Republican bluff on debt ceiling (194 comments)

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  •  I can hardly stand this any more! (4+ / 0-)

    Jesus.  What's next?  Medicare and Social Security?  Sell off national parklands to lumber companies from China using loans from Wells Fargo in a deal put together by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?  

    Here's a clue: Obama played footsy with progressives such as those here who campaigned for him.  He had progressive celebrities, like Oprah, Clooney and Springstein, hanging out with him on the campaign trail. When he got in office, tho, he snubbed Dean, Reich, Krugman, the Progressive Caucus and even his pal, Warren Buffet.  He staffed his cabinet with Wall Street insiders whose major claim to fame is Banks Too Big to Fail, a continuation of Bush tax cuts,  no help for homeowners, and relentless domestic cuts in social safety, only marginal help for small businesses.  As a result, CEOs of major corporations are enjoying their largest bonuses in history and we're all wondering if SS will be there when we retire and hoping our medical insurance holds up.   Does that tell us something?

    I'd like the Obama apologists blaming those meanie tea bags for everything to explain to me why President Obama has not seen fit to appoint a single progressive to any position of power in his administration or even, as far as I know, invited them to lunch at the White House.  

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