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    I forget exactly, but in Cuyahoga in 2004, it was well over 100% of VAP -- and that was without election day registration.  It generally happens because there are "stale" names on the rolls that haven't been purged yet.

    If 280K people had reportedly voted in Waukesha, then I would be incredulous.

    As it stands, I can hardly opine on the condition of the registration rolls in Waukesha in spring 2005. At a bare minimum I would want to look at comparable figures from counties across the state. My experience has been that when people start hollering ANOMALY! years later, often they don't know much about the context.

    Also, then why would Kathy still be touting that 97.63% turn out number in 2008 when the additional votes would have skewed her percentage far lower?

    Fair question, but if you're asking me to assume that Kathy Nickolaus is attentive to detail, I'm not really there at the moment. :) Maybe she read the number on a printout, it sounded good, and she didn't really give a damn.

    It's logically possible that massive fraud occurred in Waukesha in 2004 regardless of the turnout percentages. Basically, my experience has been that the numbers at the top of those EMS reports don't mean much.

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