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View Diary: Tufts Researchers: Higher Myocardial Infarction Risks Result From Sporadic Exercise, Including Sex. (23 comments)

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  •  Cichlids! Oy! (1+ / 0-)
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    I've probably made this comment to you before (senility is a drag) but I kept them for similar reasons. It seemed like MBUNA stood for Mean, Big, Ugly tempered, Nasty, and Aggressive. I really loved them though.

    •  LOL! Being a Resident Alien, I have had to deal (0+ / 0-)

      with the INS. I long ago decided that it really stood for Insolent, Nasty, Service. I know what you mean about mbuna - want some red faced macs? They are the worst. I have a female in a 10 gallon that got her tail ate off. And it ain't growing back 6 months later. Pretty sure it's never coming back so she's in the 10 for eternity. I have a male red face that was totally beat up now in a 30 gallon - he's totally healed but I know if I put him back in the 80 gal - he's toast. Or somebody else is. The 240 is getting overrun with red face macs. It's just a matter of time before they start killing each other. The one in the 30 is now actually my favorite fish. He hangs out over my shoulder as I spend wayyy too much time on the KOS. He knows me and runs to the glass whenever I put my finger on it trying to attack. heehee. nice. If I had any idea these little bastards were such breeding fools, I would have made different choices. sigh.

      Wolverines and Badgers and Buckeyes - Oh My! Be Afraid Kochroaches. Be very afraid.

      by mrsgoo on Wed Apr 13, 2011 at 01:03:14 AM PDT

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