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View Diary: 20,000 more votes than ballots (Waukesha, 2006) [updated-Tue] (272 comments)

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    Ballots cast would be the number of ballots given to voters and reported by the scanner (or counted by poll workers where votes are hand counted). Workers carefully keep track of how many ballots are given out, and how many are spoiled and replaced. Each voter of course gets to vote only one completed ballot. The ballots themselves aren't numbered, but the voters in the poll book are.

    Votes cast can be different for each office being elected. For example, if you don't know anything about the school board and choose not to vote for that, it is called an undervote. It's also possible to overvote by marking more than one candidate for a particular office, and that would invalidate both votes, but that rarely happens with a scanner because it will reject the ballot and voters get another chance.

    You are right that there can never be more votes (for any particular office) than ballots. It's a logical impossibility.

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