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View Diary: PPP's own poll shows bad news for Republicans (86 comments)

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    Seriously, who are these people?  What's their unemployment rate, income, age, sex, race, education, etc. etc.

    They seem to have become the political equivalent of the ancient Greek gods, who tormented mankind for their amusement.  Many commentators, especially Charlie Cook, seem to fetishize them.  Are they impervioius to persuasion, or just perverse?

    I really want to know.  

    •  They are the disengaged and/or stupid. (0+ / 0-)

      They want the government to simultaneously fix everything and do nothing, spend on everything and collect no taxes, and demand immediate results, or else they will vote you out. They are non-ideological, but deeply uninformed or misinformed about policy issues; what little news they do consume, they probably get from broadcast and cable TV news programs.

      This is in contradistinction to the teabagger followers and the Fox News watchers who, rather than being merely uninformed are actually deeply misinformed, and are very angry about the perceived causes of their problems based on false information.

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