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View Diary: PPP's own poll shows bad news for Republicans (86 comments)

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    The Lone Apple, Matt Z

    Most people just don't pay close attention to politics. Even if they do pay attention, they tend to forget recent history. Then there's the whole problem with the media's obsession with "balance" and "both sides of the debate" and false equivalency. Further, there's a lot of so-called "news" media out there peddling vague and intentionally misleading (or outright false) information. When indies go to the polls they often feel that the current representative just isn't getting the job done. They gave them their chance and nothing good came to fruition so-- their only option is to vote for the other guy...

    Keep Christian mythology out of science class!

    by cybersaur on Tue Apr 12, 2011 at 01:32:45 PM PDT

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      Matt Z

      I go to a restaurant and get sick. I go to another restaurant and the food is not prepared to my liking. So I give the place I got sick another chance -- things might turn out better.

      Not the best analogy but it's peppered with snark.

      This head movie makes my eyes rain.

      by The Lone Apple on Tue Apr 12, 2011 at 02:18:32 PM PDT

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