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    Among Planned Parenthood's patients only a fraction, probably around 20% or less, depending on the state and clinic, are paid for with federal dollars: Medicaid, Title X, and certain other categories. The rest, fully 80%+ are covered by private insurance, patients funds, or private donations. No one is turned away because of a lack of funds or not being qualified for government support. But. if Republican efforts to "defund" PP were successful, the victims would be low income women, not Planned Parenthood. And abortions, for which the federal government provides no money, would still be done and in increasing numbers since federal money for birth control and family planning would be cut off. It would be like cutting off access to fire hydrants for the fire department to reduce fires. The move makes no sense at all.

    One can say, as some have above, that this is all about firing up the Republican base, which is certainly true. But the idiots in Congress also really truly believe this stuff. They're probably convinced that PP bills for fictional services to obtain federal money for abortions, which is absurd. PP affiliates, the local non-profit corporations that run the clinics, are audited and inspected annually not just by state authorities but also by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), and the later inspections and audits are stricter than anything the government does. PPFA's most valuable asset is the name and it's not about to jeopardize that for the sake a few ill-gotten dollars.

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      The rest, fully 80%+ are covered by private insurance, patients funds, or private donations.

      And now, you've led us to a discussion of the many problems with H.R. 3, the effect of which would likely be that nearly all private insurance plans would drop their coverage for abortion.

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