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View Diary: The Scarlet Letter Returns - Fundies Force Child Rape Victim to Confess Her Sin (203 comments)

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  •  First of all, if you know of a church where (6+ / 0-)

    children are being abused--report them to CPS immediately. If you know a woman who is being abused, try to get her to go to the local spouse abuse shelter for help--and make sure you call the shelter, and tell them about the church. Then, if it's appropriate in light of the victim's right to privacy, call the news media--especially if you learn there is a criminal investigation or actual charges have been pressed--newspapers love these kinds of stories.

    Also, even if you don't know of any specific instance of abuse within a fundamentalist group, but you know they promote teachings that are extremely misogynistic or homophobic, tell the people around you about it. I've gotten several people to quit sending their children to a local church that promotes highly misogynistic and homophobic views by telling other parents what I've heard.

    But in order to weed these folks out on a larger scale, we're going to have to infiltrate their churches. Start attending the local fundie church, talk to the people there, listen to the crap they spew--this will give you the information you need so you can educate the community about them.

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