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View Diary: Any sound fiscal policy must reverse the Bush tax cuts (87 comments)

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    sherlyle, Hear Our Voices

    We all know that the poor are a bunch of lazy, handout-asking freeloaders who sit around all day basking in the good life--one without healthcare, skipped or simple meals, and uncertain housing situations.

    Why would we want to pick on those poor wretched souls who are faced with awful and potential life-altering decisions such as choosing the color of their new Bentley? That is, the Bentley that is only driven on Thursdays.

    One shudders that similar decisions must be made regarding Friday's Ferrari, and for other days of the week!!

    We have NO idea of the pain and suffering the rich must endure!!  

    Get real people.  Some poor soul, right now, is near a nervous breakdown over the decision on whether to take the 120 foot or the 160 foot yacht on their trip to  Monte Carlo next month.

    "Self-respect is the keystone of democracy"

    by neverontheright on Wed Apr 13, 2011 at 09:25:50 AM PDT

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