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  •  Yep, your message is more effective (5+ / 0-)
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    And given that Obama's staffers aren't stupid, it leads me to wonder whether they are pulling their punches. It's hard to believe they are that bad at messaging now when they were so effective in the 2008 campaign.

    look for my eSci diary series Thursday evening. "It's the planet, stupid."

    by FishOutofWater on Wed Apr 13, 2011 at 10:15:13 AM PDT

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    •  Let's be generous and say that in 2008 (0+ / 0-)

      if the message was simply "We are not Republicans", Obama might have still won...

      although the numbers would likely have been a lot closer.

      I just think that about 83% of the entire voting population was ready for something other than Republicans. Endless War combined with the late 2008 Wall Street fiscal disaster (which is still playing out) had a lot to do with the voting pattern of 2008.

      I'm not so sure that the vague messages of "Hope and Change" were all that persuasive as campaign themes. But they are much easier to ignore, when it comes to determining "unfulfilled campaign promises" than something like "Social Security will not be dismantled in an Obama Administration".

      Personally? I think the Obama Administration keeps shooting itself in the foot, because it's two eyes are looking in four different directions at all times, trying to "watch" the crazy-ass Republicans for their next idocracy-style move. It's tough babysitting the insane AND running a successful Government, I'll give Obama that much credit.

      But if the UI rate fails to fall significantly by late Fall (November-December of 2011) and gasoline prices continue to soar due to Wall Street manipulations (instead of lack of oil production/shipping) - then I'm afraid that 2012 will see a convergence of the stupid-crazy, even on the part of the Democratic Party, during the run-up to the two Conventions. It'll be like Armaggedon meets Simpsons in a cage match.

      I like paying taxes... with them, I buy Civilization

      by Angie in WA State on Wed Apr 13, 2011 at 01:08:20 PM PDT

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