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    Catte Nappe, katiec

    Bullet points only go so far but we have a lot of historical data to back up progressive ideas. We need to join with them, as we've started in Wisconsin and Ohio and help make that concerted effort that overshadows the Tea Party in the next two years. Let us not go quietly.

    Look to FDR and Truman and Democratic congresses after WWII. We paid off 121% of debt to GDP in a few years. We taxed the rich while we opened new markets with a Marshall plan such as Europe and Japan. There are probably 2 billion people who have no access to 1st world markets or living conditions who would love to participate. Look at what we did for civil rights including those of women. Look at how our investments in the GI bill and Kennedy's Apollo program changed the course of history and began the knowledge economy. The Clinton administration showed us how to balance a budget and produce surpluses in modern times.

    If the progressive caucus is irrepressible in demonstrating how past liberal solutions have come to the rescue and unparalleled growth of our nation and give us time-proven templates, they'll get on those talk shows. It's time for Nancy Pelosi and now the largest Democratic caucus, to return to the news cycle soon.

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