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View Diary: Paul Ryan upset over Obama's rejection of his plan to eliminate Medicare (330 comments)

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  •  Digital Literacy Lacking-No Great White Hope (0+ / 0-)

    I look at thinks through the eyes of a coder being I used to write code and kind of eagle eye what type of technology or software can help situations.  Two years ago I wrote that we need a US Department of Algorithms and the time I think is just about here as laws can't keep up with the laws they create in this current fashion.  We keep taking knives to gun battles and that is why Wall Street has kicked our butt with intelligence with mathematics the average person does not understand.  They even said that in the movie Inside Job, so I try to make a difference and explain in laymans terms as best I can, and I don't like it any better than anyone else, but it's happening.  Laws can't keep up with the algorithms (formulas) businesses create.

    Healthcare Law Is Not Bad; However Algorithmically Changed Business Models Coupled With Mergers and Acquisitions Change the Insurance Governance Frequently

    I suggested a Department of Algorithms 2 years ago but maybe it was before it's time but it might be getting closer as if we don't do this we will lose again as the middle class.

    I put that word center stage on my blog and the meaning so hopefully word will eventually spread as to what is happening.  Digital illiteracy with lawmakers at all levels is becoming a huge problem as they can't make laws covering what they don't know and staff can't do it all.  Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger here trying to explain some of the what's and whys.  

    Congress needs that IBMWatson technology so they can all see the same thing at the same time and make rocket speed queries with speech recognition so even the lowest common denominator with digital literacy can join in.  This way they could project and predict just businesses do to eliminate some of the unintended circumstances we have had to live with.  

    So for Mr. Ryan, there is no great white hope, collaboration with intelligence is the answer and besides that if they all saw and worked on the same intelligence they might learn to collaborate better and we might all benefit.  I'm tired of it just like everyone else.  

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