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View Diary: Michigan workers take over Capitol at We The People rally on April 13 (Updated with full-view photo) (56 comments)

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  •  emergency financial manager law (12+ / 0-)

    I read in the Detroit Free Press today that Detroit Mayor Dave Bing wants deep concessions from all of the union workers in the city. If  this does not happen, the powers that be want to appoint Bing to be the EFM and he can just dissolve them to get what he wants.
    I went to a teach-in at Wayne State last week, and a speaker there said that all five EFM in MI are in African American communities.
    Anyone familiar with the EFM assigned to the Detroit Public Schools, knows he was sent to destroy the system an pave the way for privatized charters.
    Nothing short of a revolt will stop these greedy madmen from taking away every gain ordinary citizens have fought for.

    •  Tell me more about the teach-in, please. (7+ / 0-)

      We need to teach from the very bottom up.  I spoke with so many people in Lansing yesterday who didn't have a clear idea of exactly what is at stake and what legislation is pending--SB 116, HB 4054, HB 4306, HB 4060 and so many more.  We need to educate one another and start speaking clearly, concisely about the history of labor, the dangers of not having safety laws (MI OSHA is up for REPEAL right now as we speak!), about protecting our own interests.  People have forgotten why workers organised, how brutal and violent conditions were in the not too distant history of this country.  I talked too far too many people yesterday who had never heard of the very bills I was there to protest, and that knowledge is imperative to fighting them and protecting our rights.  
      Also, Robert Bobb, Detroit Public Schools EFM announced today he is laying off ALL Detroit Public School teachers--more than 5000 at the end of May.

      •  You are speaking my language (3+ / 0-)
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        I am trying to get my shop more politically aware. It is a struggle because people don't know their history. The AFL-CIO website has a legislative tab. If you click on it, there is a daily update about all of the anti-labor laws being introduced, who introduced it, and how it is progressing through the process. It will piss you off. Spread the word and contact the legislature.
        I learned about the teach in through a group calledWE ARE ONE. On the day of national protests, they listed WSU teach in. There were activists webstreamed, speakers, and the people attending. Students, unions, and the like are forming coalitions to fight Snyder and organize. There was also a town hall for detroit, calling for outrage at the EFM law. My goal is to attend the next rally with petitions in my hand to gather any necessary signatures to fight these madmen.

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