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    The thing I have been wondering after my sister in law and niece were finally able to get out of Japan, is why isn't there a global nuclear task force to take over and deal with such catastrophes? Why are we just leaving it all to Tepco to deal with? At the very least one of these six reactors have been leaking for over a month now. And the same kind of thing should be set up for oil spills and with fracking of natural gas. If we are going to allow such awful practices to continue poisoning the earth and all it's inhabitants then we need some authority to take over and deal with inevitable mess it will create instead of just leaving it up to some inept corporation to deal with. My stance is do away with nuclear period, whatever the consequence is to that, we will have to deal with. And then work on the oil and the natural gas. And just what is the Congress doing to deal with all the waste and the plants here sitting on fault lines? I'm guessing not a damn thing.

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