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  •  Every person who signed the vote register (3+ / 0-)
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    in Waukesha when they "voted" in those elections should have to say under oath and at Risk of Perjury that will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law if they really did show up and vote and then they are all investigated.

    •  Actually I'm not sure they had to sign (0+ / 0-)

      a vote register in Waukesha County. In Dane County (where Madison is) there is no signing of a register. Here you walk up to the table where 4 people are sitting. Two of them are sitting by identical voter printouts. They ask you for your last name, first name and address. You provide that and each of those 2 people checks you off in his/her printout book.  Then the third person gives you a slip with a voter number printed on it. You hand that slip to the 4th person, who provides you with a blue ballot cover and a machine-read paper ballot to put inside the ballot cover. Then you go to a "voting booth", mark the arrows for your candidates on the ballot, then stuff the ballot into the voting machine. From what I've heard the actual voting procedure, type of ballot cast etc. varies from one locality to another.

      Regardless, the total number of votes cast should not exceed the number of ballots handed out on election day PLUS the number of absentee ballots that the polling place received, in sealed envelopes, from the municipal clerk's office.

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