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    Tookish, denig

    that I, briefly, tried to claim that "pearl clutching" was not sexist. When that directly insulting original intent was long before you ever encountered a word or phrase, it is not necessarily the appropriate reaction to consider the etymology but only its modern meaning.

    A very valid argument can be made, I will point out, for refusing to pay any attention to this supposedly "original meaning"; words take their meaning from context, which relies more on current usage than historical origins. I even considered going that way when I was confronted with the possibility of giving up "pearl clutching" as a metaphor for excessive feigned concern or outrage. In the end I realized that, while amusing, it is not sufficiently informative to be worth keeping around, so I've abandoned it. It's worth noting that the disdain conservatives have for liberal "political correctness" is not entirely without merit, but I don't do things based on what the conservatives think about it.

    Now I have to start avoiding calling some evil bastard a "cocksucker", just because they aren't literally interested in oral sex with other men? To be honest, that is again a bit of a stretch. But I try to be gay-friendly, so woosh off it goes, consigned to the dustbin of history. I doubt everyone else will agree, and to be honest I don't think I will make an issue of it myself if someone else uses it around me. But I'll damned sure back up any homosexual who does complain about it.

    Next we'll be saying you can't call someone a dick when they're being a dick, you know what I mean?

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