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View Diary: Green diary rescue: The 'Dirty Dozen' corporate tax dodgers (53 comments)

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  •  Thanks MB for another fabulous rescue & to RAN (8+ / 0-)

    for doing the investigation into the 0 tax group...

    ..... shows, banks, oil and coal companies are making billions in profits annually and paying much less than their fair share in taxes. In fact, the top four oil companies in the country made $1.26 trillion in gross revenues and paid a shocking 2.04% average tax rate. ..

    not that we should be surprised but HS! Hard to believe 'joe public' would actually cast a vote for a candidate who is representing them and plans to turn away from this shocking information.

    What's the matter with Kansas = What's the matter with America .... in just a few short years.... the majority of American's have been mind-massaged into voting against their own best interests.

    I loved so many of the diaries this week. Had the time to read them because, unfortunately, lost another paying client. But I did get my taxes in on time.

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