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  •  In yesterday's TEPCO press conference (11+ / 0-)

    a reporter asked the Vice President of the company, Muto, whether he could state certainly that no more contaminated water would be released into the sea. Muto said it was not certain. The above-mentioned diary does not address this (and other) obvious problems at the plant that remain to be solved.

    The greatest risk, at present, is that TEPCO has no way of keeping the reactors and spent fuel pools cool without producing a great deal of contaminated water, and it has no practical way of treating or storing the water. At some point in the very near future it is likely that TEPCO will have no choice but to dump contaminated water into the sea. That, I beleive, was the implicit message behind the reporter's question and Muto's answer.

    Other answers that Muto gave were similarly honest about the difficulty TEPCO will have implementing its roadmap. His answers were often evasive, but he never lied and stated that something could be accomplished when the likelihood of it's being accomplished was low.

    The roadmap that TEPCO released identifies what needs to be done to bring the crisis under control. The roadmap identities many obvious needs that cannot be fulfilled at present, and for which there is no practical remedy on the horizon.

    This is not a statement of doom and gloom. It is simply a recognition of the difficulties that lie in the future that have been acknowledged by TEPCO sources.

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