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View Diary: Fukushima: Restoration Roadmap Released Rov #50 (187 comments)

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  •  the photos are confusing but not doctored (3+ / 0-)
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    oldhippie, peraspera, jeff in nyc

    Mister old hippie you have mentioned this but have yet to provide specific examples.  Yes, certain parts of the buildings and grounds look less damaged than others, but no, no one has done much straightening up.

    There was, for example some nuclear fuel rods ejected from somewhere that landed between buildings #3 and #4.  Tepco   decided that it would be easier to bulldoze some dirt over it instead of cleaning it up.  I suppose that area looks clean.

    The green gantry crane inside building #4 is relatively undamaged on top, since it is made of metal and was near the "eye" of the explosion... of course the walls and ceiling are blown to flinders, and a skein of blasted rebar covers the cement rubble it once was bonded to.

    There are always strange sights like this when bombs go off.  

    •  I have less than no interest in a controversy with (4+ / 0-)

      you or others here, my only interest is to repeatedly suggest the photo documentation be examined closely and skeptically. You, in particular, are good at that, and I thank you.

      •  no problemo (2+ / 0-)
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        peraspera, mamamedusa

        I just wish I could help satisfy your curiosity.  To me all the photos look amateur, which is to be expected I guess...  but the mess is everywhere, just as the parts that are still intact are to be seen here and there as well.  Damfino what a tsunami hit nuclear plant is supposed to look like.  But I don't see the motivation of tepco to doctor some pictures to make things look a certain way in regards to... neatness.  

        Some areas are swept clean by the tsunami.  Some are masses of wreckage.  Whatever is on the ground is of little consequence, anyway.  All that matters is the radioactive shite - some ex-reactors and some ex-fuel ponds - and the concrete structures that contain their runoff.  None of the infrastructure is working anyway.  

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