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View Diary: Progressive/Liberals Are Scabbing: It's NEVER OK To Cross A Picket Line (144 comments)

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  •  You don't have to ... (2+ / 0-)
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    Mentatmark, aliasalias

    ... they're not inviting you into their issue to discuss it ... they're only asking you to respect their call.

    Too goddamn many people trying to lawyer this call to death.

    Union calls strike, don't cross its lines.


    There is a strike, boycott and electronic picket line targeting the Huffington Post. That strike has been called by two legitimate unions: the Newspaper Guild (an affiliate of the Communications Workers of America) and the National Writers Union, Local 1981 of the United Auto Workers.
    •  Does the union represent the workers? (2+ / 0-)
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      gramofsam1, Justanothernyer

      That's the key question to me.

      If the union doesn't actually represent the workers at a given workplace—as indicated by card-check, a secret election, whatever process can determine a majority—then their right to speak for the workers in telling others that the workers are on strike is, in my opinion, nonexistent.

      If a co-worker of mine decide to declare ourselves a union and start picketing our office—despite there being many other employees who never voted for us to represent them—are those who cross the line "scabs"?

      If a legitimate union calls a strike for a given business or workplace, don't cross its lines—I absolutely agree with that. But what legitimizes a union, if not the assent of a majority of that business or workplace's workforce?

    •  Ok well I cant respect it (0+ / 0-)
      they're not inviting you into their issue to discuss it ... they're only asking you to respect their call.

      if they had no right to any share of the money in the first place.  

      Using a strike as a means of extorting money you are not entitled to in the first place is exactly the sort of greed that the wingnuts love to use as an excuse to shut Unions down.  

      Why provide them with the perfect example of such greed?

      "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" -- Von Goethe

      by Lawguy101 on Tue May 10, 2011 at 09:36:31 AM PDT

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