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View Diary: Donald Trump goes bankrupt. Four times. (242 comments)

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  •  Is there no end to the stupidity of the Bags? (18+ / 0-)

    Any reasonable person with a modicum of critical thinking knows that Trump is a buffoon...a laughing stock... a celebrity for being a celebrity, as well as a publicity whore in the fashion of, oh, Lady Gaga (without her talent) or Paris Hilton.

    - just the type to appeal to the stupidity of the Bags: lots of skeletons in his closet, looks like a caricature of himself, married multiple times, bankrupt several times.  But for his rich daddy, he'd be a blackjack dealer in Vegas, living in a trailer, unable to make his child support payments.  The man is a loser  and a fraud in the footsteps of the great Joe the Plumber.  

    But, hey, any con artist with enuf bullshit to tell these traditional, family values, Christian patriot Bags what they want to hear with a little pizzazz gets their vote.  When did the the inmates start running the asylum?  I can't even believe I'm writing about Donald Trump as a viable candidate for POTUS.

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