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  •  he had me at "braggadocious." (4+ / 0-)
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    is dat a word? in joisey, maybe?

    Braggadocious? That word hasn’t yet entered any dictionary that I know of, though you can find many examples online and it sometimes turns up in American newspapers. As far back as 1987, presidential contender Jack Kemp was described in Time: “He is proud of his erudition, using French phrases like elan vital, but he sometimes tosses out strange neologisms, like ‘braggadocious’”. We can forgive the writer of this piece for not having come across the word before. I’ve found earlier examples, though, so it’s clear that Mr Kemp didn’t coin it.
    It’s a very Sopranos sort of word, in fact, because it’s a derivative of the mock-Italian braggadocio, meaning an idle boaster. The Daily Telegraph obituary of John Gotti, the Mafia boss who died in June, described him as being “full of swaggering braggadocio and brimming with cocksure self-confidence”. That’s the idea in a nutshell.

    Say No to Frankenfish

    by stagemom on Sun Apr 17, 2011 at 06:22:01 PM PDT

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