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  •  To answer, surelyu...we may have power.. (4+ / 0-) the local/ state level.  I've neither cared about nor been involved with local politics- being more interested in national and international arenas. Wisconsin affects me deeply, tho. I see hope in Madison and its clones in Columbus and Michigan.   Today Detroit- tomorrow Miami.

    Forget rallies in DC; they're so common, they get no or twisted media play.  Forget donating in response to email and phone requests from liberal organizations that pass (or sell) our names to other liberal organizations that also want only money...then forget we are more than extensions of our credit cards.

    Thousands at a state house, tho.. day after day...  now that's power.  Ordering pizza and water for righteous protestors- money well spent.

    Next election, my resources go to state and local candidates who are accountable to me- who can be influenced by ordinary constituents.

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