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View Diary: Social Security: Don't buy the Fear Factor! (202 comments)

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  •  Blown away by this post. (4.00)
    I also have to say that you are one of my heroes in politics Rep. McDermott and really do wish that as a Democrat you were the rule rather than the exception. It's stunning to know that you frequent dailykos but then again that's what I'd expect out of what seems to be harder to find these days in our party : An elected Democrat who's unafraid to stand up for wha tis right and with the ability to point out what is wrong. Thanks!!
    •  Thanks for representing me (none)
      I'm proud to be able to vote for you and I am glad to have a Congressman who has a strong love for his country, its people, and the fortitude to stand up for them. Keep it coming, Jim.

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