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View Diary: EFM Takeover Of Detroit Schools: Teen Mothers Arrested, Children taken Into Temporary Custody (301 comments)

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  •  The stat is clearly drop outs (2+ / 0-)
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    Keninoakland, libnewsie
    "as many as 20%"

    is not consistently 20%, it's a top line. Furthermore, the stat seems to be referring to the percentage of the number of new students each year -- many of whom are already dropouts from

    Every year, enrollment is first come, first served for as many as 400 students and 200 babies. There is no academic requirement; most of the girls are in the process of dropping out when they enter. As many as 20 percent drop out every year, Andrews says. (The 90 percent graduation rate is based on students who make it to their senior year.) -

    I was also skeptical of another claim.

    100 percent of those who graduate (85 last year) are accepted to two- or four-year colleges, most with financial aid, says the school’s principal, G. Asenath Andrews.

    Is it believable that 100% of those who graduate apply for college?  

    However, the fact that 100% of those who apply get into college probably means little - most states have community colleges with open enrollment for anyone with a high school degree.

    •  as a holder of community college (10+ / 0-)

      degree... Fuck You and your attitude about community colleges!

      enrolling everyone who wants an education and is wwilling to do the work required to obtain that education is much better than enrolling only those who can afford to buy the name of a prestigious school (or whose parents can buy the name).

      blink-- pale cold

      by zedaker on Tue Apr 19, 2011 at 05:01:54 PM PDT

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      •  Fine. But it means that a 100% college acceptance (1+ / 0-)
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        rate for graduating seniors who apply is not meaningful.

      •  Don't worry about this guy (3+ / 0-)
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        zedaker, libnewsie, NancyK

        He's been going on and on about the numbers throughout the entire thread without offering a single useful insight on education, the school closings, the political ramifications of these governor appointed EFMS, or much of anything else.  But I sincerely thank you for your fuck you to him, its been coming, and bless you, you came through for us.  And congratulations for wanting your education, for caring about it, and for working to obtain it. You don't need his affirmation, your own hard earned pride will serve you better. I was the first one in my family to go to college, back in the day when you could put yourself through a four year university, something no longer possible today. So you and I appreciate our education, and that too is a part of learning.

    •  thanks for the excuse to post the following (4+ / 0-)

      (the author put this recipe in public domain as a public service)

      1 kg dried fish
      100 g caustic soda
      30 liters of water

      Saw the fish in suitably sized pieces or leave it whole. Put in water. Leave in water in a cool place for 5-6 days if cut in pieces, 8 days if the fish is whole. Change the water every day.

      For the luting use a plastic or stainless steel or enamelled tub (the enamel must be unchipped). Wooden vessels, china or stoneware may also be used.

      Place the fish in the tub with the skin side up. Dissolve caustic soda in the water, pour over the fish until covered complete by lut water. Leave the fish in a cold place for 3-4 days.

      When the fish is completely luted, it will be well swollen and you should be able to put a finger through it. Rinse the fish and leave in cold water 4-6 days. Change water every day.

      If the fish stays in water for too long after the luting, it may be soft and difficult to boil. Test boil a piece, if you are uncertain.

      Do not make lutefisk in the warm season.

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      by alizard on Tue Apr 19, 2011 at 05:15:05 PM PDT

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