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View Diary: The Bush Boom continues: 229K Private Payroll jobs in Feb (118 comments)

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  •  Wow! (4.00)
    I got one right!  

    Say, last I heard, the US had been running a trade deficit in IT since June 2002.  Is that still the case?  

    The reason I bring it up is your point about "no new economic activity."  WHY is there no new economic activity?  

    Here's my guess:  
    Sorry to keep beating this drum, but the political model I see is that of the Texas Democrats, metastasisizing through the Democrat-turned-Republican southern conservatives:  kickbacks and corruption aren't just for plantation warlords anymore.  

    Used to be construction was hamstrung like this, when it was the Texas Democats.  If you didn't pay kickbacks, you didn't get contracts.  Common enough problem.  Now, however,

    1. this applies on a national level, through the GOP, and applies not only to govt. contracts (corporate socialism) but also special regulatory consideration (subsidies and de jure monopolies that remind me of monarchical mercantilism).  
    2. And, since so much of what economic activity there is is being driven by credit-card Republican policies, it seems that even this is misallocated due to this oligarchical dynamic.  


    So, my point is that there's a huge price of admission for this corrupt process.  Emerging technologies likely can't afford to play, hence IT trade deficit, etc.  (So, I wonder, whose patents is Intel going to poach now?)  I mentioned this political economic phenomenon to you before as the "opportunity cost of corruption."  

    OK, what of the above picture is salvageable, and what is bullshit?  

    Thanks in advance.  

    If you're not feeding red meat to our base, you're nothing but a mole.

    by Grand Moff Texan on Fri Mar 04, 2005 at 07:53:53 AM PST

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    •  I know that feeling (4.00)
      You're damn right about emerging technologies, GMT.  For me, this was the most chilling part of The Rise of Rove's Republic...

      The drive is to break American manufacturing - and instead make it so that all new middle class hiring comes from either the security industry - which means only good republicans get hired, rather than the kind of people who worked the dot com boom - or the securties industry, which is dependent on the federal reserves interest rate policies, and on the retirement industry - pensions, 401ks, and, they hope, social security borrowing.

      If people must be in line with the political ends of the Republicans to earn a good living, the nation will, because it must, become more like the Republicans. Those who do not want to play along must be poor, be careful, or be moving along to other nations.

      ...because reading it marked the first time that I'd ever even remotely seriously considered emigration. I am very, very strongly inclined towards staying and fighting by nature, but what if the whole thing is so rigged that I can't even make a living or have any reasonable expectation of security for the family I've been holding off on starting? If Europe is making the kind of high-road investments that support creative and technical work, and has a vastly superior social network, why are we staying here exactly?

      Scary stuff.  Congratulations on getting one right though!

      Visit Heeyah! World's First County Democratic Central Committee Weblog

      by da on Fri Mar 04, 2005 at 09:03:26 AM PST

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