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View Diary: The Bush Boom continues: 229K Private Payroll jobs in Feb (118 comments)

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  •  What is the foundation of this building? (none)
    Great Diary! Gets everybody thinking. Lets look at what drives the housing= low interest, affordability ,wana be a homeowner. But how does it play out. It's all about musical chairs. Who gets caught when the music stops. What drives the bottom to feed the bubbling top. We just picked up a house that the bank had taken back. The Illegals that had purchased about 1.5years ago fell behind, stopped paying, squatted for about 5 months and we finally we got it.
     Now follow the money= realtor and owner inflated price, less than capable buyer pays to much, mortgage is long sold and the money has been made. Original owner steps out and up and the existing bank get stuck holding the bag, guaranteed loan-oh look, who's holding the bag?

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