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  •  I think this would get him a lot of cred. (3+ / 0-)
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    Saying "I'm sorry. I failed. I'm going to try again." I think he has the courage to apologize and own up to his mistakes.

    They tortured people to get false confessions to fraudulently justify our invading Iraq.

    by Ponder Stibbons on Wed Apr 20, 2011 at 11:16:38 AM PDT

    •  Failing [not equal to] Not Trying (6+ / 0-)
      •  Not True (3+ / 0-)
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        I have to say I have a problem with the whole premise of this entry by KOS.  Obama has tried to move on comprehensive immigration reform as well as pass the lesser DREAM Act.

        There were major congressional negotiations going on throughout 2009 and 2010 (especially the Senate) to get a package together that could actually pass with the neccessary bi-partisan support.  Senators Kerry, Lieberman, Graham and others were the prime movers on the issue.  

        It wasn't until the big healthcare debate turn so toxic and the rise of the Tea Party that the effort ran into serious issues.  The GOPers who were working with the DEMS started balking (Graham, McCain, etc.) and so Reid didn't bring up the bill that had been finally presented by Kerry, Lieberman and Graham.  Instead he moved to bring up the DREAM Act which had a real chance of getting the neccessary bipartisan support.  Of course we know what happened in the lame duck session but Obama, Reid and Pelosi made a massive push for the legislation and almost got it through.

        Is Obama's latest push political?  Of course it is...he is running for re-election and he needs big Latino support.  But does he control the fact that the Tea Partiers control the US House?  No the voters voted them in.  Obama has to deal with the reality and keep pushing forward to get reform done.  

        So I hope that Latino voters will view the upcoming election as critical to finally getting reform passed. They have to come out in unprecedented numbers to not only re-elect the President who has and is trying to pass reform but also to get/keep a Democratic House and Senate.  Latinos can make immigration reform a major issue next year and extract concrete promises to get it done if they make a major push in the election next year....just imagine if say there were a 60% turnout of Latinos nationwide or even better in states like Texas, Arizona, Nevada, etc.

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          You said that Obama, "tried to move on comprehensive immigration reform as well as pass the lesser DREAM Act." then only give examples of Congressional action on immigration.  

          I work in this field, and Obama did the absolute minimum he could to move immigration reform.  Any time we complained to him about not pushing for reform, his response was: Not my problem, this is an issue for Congress, talk to them.  

          Meanwhile, he's increased detentions and deportations by 1/3 over the Bush administration, presided over a massive expansion of the Secure Communities program (which fails miserably at doing it's job and provides no oversight to prevent racial profiling or other civil rights abuses), and has basically told the immigration advocacy community to fuck off when we've asked him to use his discretionary authority to provide relief.  

          At yesterday's meeting, they did not invite one single immigrant advocacy organization.  

          •  It doesn't matter to the Obama apologists that you (0+ / 0-)

            work in this field.   In some ways they are like the Tea Party supporters in only seeing what they want to see and ignoring little things like facts.

            Obama has played political games over and over again with many of the issues that he campaigned on.  When convenient, we get the argument, "The White House doesn't make law the Congress does".   Other times we get the, "It is useless to bring up since Republicans will just block it".

            I'm sick and tired of the games.   Why weren't the promises addressed when Democrats had both the House and the Senate?   Let the Republicans vote it down but while there doing that make it clear to everyone what they have done.

          •  I Understand Your Frustration (0+ / 0-)

            on this issue.  But I think what you are talking about is his leadership style.  On most of the big issues he has left Congress to hash out the details and do the hard work of getting an basic agreement before he comes in very prominently to finish the deal.  In most cases he acheives his victory (tax cuts, 2011 budget, healthcare reform, etc.)  We might not always agree with his style but it has gotten results.

            I think he would have done similiar had either the House or Senate passed a comprehensive bill last year.  The Kerry / Lieberman Graham bill would have been the one he would have pushed to get passed.  The GOP negotiators basically screwed things up when they balked on bringing up the bill last year because of pure politics.

            Now I know many are upset over the deportations and other issues.  But the key element to getting a deal is going to be proving to people the we are enforcing existing laws.  I see that issue being raised over and over.  Obama has made high profile efforts to increase border patrols and yes deportations.  But he has to because first its his job and second his reform plans will go nowhere without a strong enforcement/border control effort.

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