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View Diary: Majority supports marriage equality—Republicans hire $520 an hour lawyer to fight it (76 comments)

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  •  What I'm saying is (10+ / 0-)

    maybe we should ALL get similar numbers from our local food banks (should be easy enough) and do a few things with them:

    1.  Write as many GOP congressmen as you can, comparing the worth of dollars spent to return to the community.

    2.   Do the same for your local and county GOP party chairs.  Around here, they are personally big supporters of the food bank, with their names showing up as donors in the quarterly newsletters.  It really is obscene to cut aid to children to fight an expensive legal battle to deny the rights of other citizens.

    3.  Spread the word in a "friendly, non-ranting email" to all the conservatives and liberals on your various email lists.  I know, the non-ranting part will be hard to write.  Add a donation link to your nearest food bank if you like.

    4.  Write a concise letter to your local paper.  The trick here is not to invoke the food pantries directly - try to generalize a bit.  The food banks don't need any backlash.

    It's worth a try.  

    The truth always matters.

    by texasmom on Tue Apr 19, 2011 at 03:12:32 PM PDT

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