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    ... if 999 had a staff of model diary writers working it maybe format would be more

    Solid post.

    You might track Dr. Richard Vedder. He did a piece on April 1, 2011 - NYT and several others.

    Then he makes his way to Forbes on 4 April:

    Need a motivator just watch THIS VIDEO of Vedder.

    Not mad yet, try this speech getting ALEC award next to Dick Armey (really will torque you off) and on how America's Higher Ed is a sham:

    Richard Vedder Speech Part 1
    Vedder talks about how the “mission of ALEC is to reduce” and that “higher education has been ripping off taxpayers for 43 years”.

    Richard Vedder Speech Part 2
    Making a comparison of public vs. private schools Vedder describes his data on how “public higher education contains an army of professionals that do not teach” and “professors that attend committee meetings play golf and the like” producing “dubious quality graduates”.

    REPORT out at his OU Org:

    Piles of higher education stuff to get on ALEC. Just follow the drunk, but he says he "doesn't drool" Dr. Vedder.

    We could use a big drill down on all this, they were blasting away since April 1, must be official hate education month or something. Go for it.

    How is that for formatting? Just fine I say.

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